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Jan. 19th, 2007

Howdy doody! So first of all, I should be getting the ole internet in the house next week. Huzzah! I'll actually be able to do proper posts then and, what's more, I'll be able to potter around on the internet without thinking I should be working (not to mention being able to upload my lovely fantastic beautiful music to you lovely fantastic beautiful people). Nice.

Anyways, what have I been up to recently. Just normal stuff really. Dave's leaving today which is utter nob. A new Dave, a Scotch Dave is apparently moving in on Saturday, but I can't see him being as cool as our Stoke Dave. Anyways, I'm gonna be heading down to London tonight, or at least I hope I will. The ridiculously high winds that we had yesterday up North meant that all trains out of Manchester were cancelled yesterday afternoon. It's nearly always windy in Manchester, but yesterday was truly something special. I have to walk up a ramp that's in about a 10yd gap between two buildings to get into work. Problem is that this gap acts as a sort of wind tunnel. I swear it was like walking in treacle yesterday, trying desperately to close my coat so it didn't act as a sail. On the way back is just as bad too since you have to try not to completely topple over and die.

Anywhos, I'm going down to London because my friend Sinthiya's organised this huge Mega Maalai for all the Sri Lankan societies in London. She's hired out the Hackney Empire and it's a pretty big deal, so I have to go see it really. Not that I don't enjoy going down to London - I really do. It's just that I already went down two weeks ago and I'm not made of money! I'll have a ball though I'm sure. I really miss my London friends. I don't know why, but the last time I left two weeks ago seemed so much more painful than it has before. Anyways, gotta move on and all that shite.

In much more upbeat news, I now have the best MP I've ever had. Having lived in a number of constituencies, I have wrote to four different MPs in my time (I'm one of those annoying fuckers who tries to use democracy) and the normal response to my writing is a sort of 'I agree thanks' or 'I don't agree. sorry.' with nothing more to say. No talk of how they're gonna try to do anything about anything. Plus, this reply usually doesn't come for a couple of weeks at least. So imagine my very pleasant surprise when on the 18th, I received a written reply to my e-mail of the 17th from my MP Sir Gerald Kaufman:

"Dear Mr Southworth

Thank you for your letter dated 17 January. I am grateful to you for writing to me about this issue. I have long believed that blasphemy laws are completely out of date and should be repealed. I shall put this issue to the Home Secretary and be in touch with you when I have his response.

Best wishes.

Yours sincerely

Gerald Kaufman"

Awesomeface! It seems like I actually have an MP who gives a shit about what I say to him! Someone who actually plans to approach the relevant people when I complain about something. Nice. Anywhos, hope all is well with you all. Ta ta

P.S. By the bye, did everyone sign the MSF petition? If not, do it now! http://www.msf.org/petition_india/international.html


Jan. 21st, 2007 12:58 am (UTC)
Stoke is Stoke-on-Trent, a rather shite town in England.

An MP is a member of parliament, or more specifically a member of the house of commons, the lower house of the houses of parliament.